Area Information

Almeria is “the real deal”, a true slice of Spain that remains untouched by mass tourism. This is a different kind of Spain than you will experience on the more famous “costas”; a more traditional Spain that has not been developed out of all control. The tight building regulations mean that this will never be an area of high-rise apartment buildings. In most areas, building is restricted to a maximum of four floors in town centres and two floors in the urban suburbs and urbanisations resulting in a more sympathetic development and skyline.

The coast of Almeria is also a destination still enjoyed by the whole of Spain so Spanish culture, traditions and lifestyle are alive and thriving. Couple that with immense diversity of the landscape; mountain ranges, coves, bays, desert, skiing, beaches and forests (the list is endless), you begin to see why this region captures so many hearts and that’s before you get to the wines and cuisine.

An Idyllic Coastline

Uncrowded sandy beaches, tranquil bays, sheltered coves, traditional fishing villages and the ever-inviting aquamarine Mediterranean Sea.

The Fabulous Climate

There are very few deserts in Europe, however Almeria province is home to one of them, not surprisingly the region enjoys one of the driest and sunniest climates on the continent, with around three hundred and twenty days of sunshine per year and some of the mildest winter temperatures. Without doubt an attractive destination for year round holidays and full time living.

Landscapes & Lifestyle

Almeria is home to a landscape of dramatic contrasts, which, when combined with the superb climate, lends itself perfectly to the pursuit of many outdoor interests and activities. This is very much an area for living the “outdoor life”. The tapas and coffee bar plays a valuable role in the social culture of the area. No matter the age group, to meet up at anytime of day or night for coffee and a chat or a drink and a tapa in the local bar is a fundamental everyday occasion. (Tapas are small appetisers or snacks usually served with a glass of beer or wine. A warm welcome awaits you, soak up the atmosphere along with the refreshments, and enjoy.)